Three decades ago, The Ties Program was created by two women touched by the adoption constellation.

Today we are adoptee-owned. Tanya Kaanta is a Korean adoptee who has lived in and explored her country of birth. Her Ph.D. focused on intercountry adoption, identity formation, emotion work, and advocacy.

With 100+ years of combined experience and knowledge, we understand how transformative this trip can be for adoptees and their families.

In addition to being professionals in post-adoption and homeland journey services, we are adult adoptees, parents, partners, spouses, and siblings.

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We provide adoptees and those who love them with a well-thought-out and supportive way of connecting to their country of birth.

We humbly serve adoptive families from the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe, and Australia. We travel with adoptive family groups to Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

Here's Why It Works...


Maybe you’ve dreamed about a heritage journey for years, or perhaps have recently begun thinking about one. We are available to answer your questions, discuss your dreams, and provide information for you to consider as the journey takes shape.


You can relax and focus on the beautiful experiences you are having, along with a wide range of emotions. You can trust us to be on top of all the details! Plus, we’ll build in free time and flexibility, so you can do the things YOU want to do.


Adoptive Family Travel works with adoptees and families to design trips that see the sights and allows you to interact with daily life. Families often connect with people and places important to them like orphanages, foster homes, caregivers & birth family. We’ll help with all the plans.


You will have our full team of adoption specialists at your disposal, each with a unique connection to adoption and a strong passion to serve adoptees and families. We offer optional Connect & Chat for adoptees and Talk Time for parents. Ties offers THE most supportive way to experience your birth country.


Adoptees and their families often tell us they feel like the trip was planned just for their family even when traveling with one of our Flagship Ties or Ties Lite groups. That is our goal for each traveler on this journey of identity and discovery.

Find Your Country


It is impossible to overstate the importance of adoptees traveling with other adoptees, or adoptive families traveling with other adoptive families. It provides community, resources, friendships, and STRONG bonds through shared experiences that last a lifetime.

Features You'll Appreciate


Ties Heritage Journeys plans customized trips, providing logistical and emotional support to participants before, during, and after the trip.

Ties Adoption Specialists

A team of adoption specialists will accompany you on your journey to help your family navigate the experience and integrate it into your life story.

In-Country Activities

Ties itineraries are thoughtfully curated to provide meaningful & enjoyable activities, but we're flexible to accommodate your preferences and ensure an enjoyable journey for everyone!

Guides and Translators

English speaking in-country guides will share culture, customs, life stories, and humor. These amazing people will add tremendous depth to your experience.


We offer opportunities for supportive visits to important places for your family, such as orphanages, birth hospitals, finding locations, foster families, caregivers, and birth families.


Ties offers our signature Connect & Chat for adoptees and Talk Times for parents. These informal gatherings are optional and provide an opportunity for reflection.

Ties Leader

Our programs are led by a Ties group leader who creates community, manages details, allowing you to focus on family and the journey's meaning.


We prioritize your comfort and convenience. We've got you covered from arrival to departure, whether in a group or traveling solo. Our hotels are moderate, family-friendly, centrally located, and include private western bathrooms.

About Individual Travel

While we strongly believe in adoptees and their families traveling with a group, we know it isn't always possible. Should you prefer to travel as an individual family, or with another family you know, we are here to help. We will be happy to arrange hotels, transportation, guides/translators, sightseeing, and adoption related visits.

Request Individual Travel Info

About International Birth Family Search & Reunion

In many of the countries we serve, it is possible to do a birth family search. Frankly, there have been many more reunions for international adoptees than we ever thought possible when we started a quarter of a century ago.

We are happy to help you locate a searcher and explain the process. Equally important, we have a deep understanding of the emotions that accompany search, finding and not finding. We also understand that not all adoptees want to search. We neither encourage or discourage birth family search, but rather help you understand the process and complexities so you make a decision you are comfortable with.

When or if birth family is located, we can also help by setting up the logistics of a meeting, transportation and translation.

For more information about birth family search and reunion, please visit your country page, and click on "Possibilities for Adoption Visits" three quarters of the way down the page.