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Ukraine Ties–Our Flagship Program
Our Ukraine program is currently on hold.

Private Travel
Private travel to Ukraine is currently on hold.

“The end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started 
and know the place for the first time.” T.S. Eliot

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You are going to be your heritage journey!
  • Arrive in Kiev, where Ties staff will meet you and provide transportation to the hotel. Ukrainian Ties families stay in moderate, clean hotels, where after a day out experiencing many new tastes, smells, sights and sounds, families can relax.
  • Gather for an orientation meeting, a chance to connect with the other families, and discuss the journey ahead.
  • Tour Kiev, where you will stroll on vul Khreshchatyk, the city’s wide boulevard that becomes a pedestrian mall on the weekend, and observe everyday life while at the city’s most popular plaza, Maydan Nezalezhnosti.
  • Learn about culture and lifestyle from specially chosen guides who will be open to sharing.
  • Stand in awe of the mosaics and frescos inside St. Sophia’s Cathedral.
  • Shop for typical Ukrainian crafts on St. Andrew’s Descent.
  • Join a local family in Kiev for lunch in their home and a delicious glimpse into Ukrainian cuisine.
  • Visit an SOS Children’s Village, where you will see children being cared for with dignity. Most SOS children LOVE to play soccer. Game on!
  • Free time, Connect & Chat for adoptees, and Talk Time for parents throughout the trip.

For most families, Kiev will be the jumping off point for the “Centerpiece of your Adoption Homeland Journey” as they travel to their child’s region of birth.

  • Travel arrangements and the services of a guide / translator will be arranged for by The Ties Program.
  • Visit your child’s orphanage and meet caregivers.
  • Visit places remembered from your previous journey to Ukraine.
  • Bask in the messages of the journey as The Ties Program oversees transportation and translator arrangements.

When your travel resumes:

  • Reunite with the group in Lviv where you’ll visit the UNESCO-listed Old Town through active riddles and fun challenges.
  • Travel to Kolomyia in the Carpathian Mountains where you’ll attend an egg-painting master class.
  • Participate in fun and games with youngsters at a local scouting camp.
  • Experience Hutsul daily life with residents of Kosmach as they tend their sheep, make cheese, cook local dishes and create traditional crafts.
  • Visit Schevechenko Open Air Museum and attend an exciting master class of traditional Cossack martial art – hopak.
  • We end with a festive farewell dinner, providing closure to this life changing experience.

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Many of our programs include a Ties Lite option. It will give you all of the features of traveling with a flagship Ties Program, but a shorter stay, lowering your costs. Cost is clearly the biggest advantage to a Lite option. Some people also are dealing with other complexities like limited vacation time or other responsibilities at home, and the Lite option makes travel possible.

Having said that, we think it also important to note the downside, so you can make a thoughtful decision. Overtime, we’ve noted that the bonds and connections created tend to be stronger for participants who participate in the full Ties flagship program. That stands to reason since a longer in-country stay provides more experiences and more time together–an important piece to consider.

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While we strongly believe in adoptees and their families traveling with a group that offers “community,” we know it isn’t always possible. Should you prefer to travel as an individual family, or with another family you know, we are here to help. We will be happy to help with hotels, transportation, guides/translators, sightseeing, etc. We can also customize your important adoption related visits.

Sometimes people are not big on the idea of traveling with a group because they are not “group travel people” or it conjures up images of little blue haired ladies. We are not “that” group! Ties groups are vibrant and fun. And because we stay on top of the details, you can be focused on your family and the experiences.

We invite you to read this article from a skeptical Ties mom: Group Travel or Not by Eva Ash, Clinical Psychologist, Adoptive Parent

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"A tremendous family experience and adventure, and the journey that filled the gap in our son's sense of self."

John Giudecessi

“For the first time in my life, I felt complete and at peace with who I am.”

Landy Hancock, 18

“Traveling with other kids was AWESOME!”

Anna Armour, 10

"I think the healthiest outcome of the trip for my daughter is that going with a group 'normalized' her situation and her adoption.”

Bonnie MacAdam