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Families With Children from China
FCC is a nondenominational organization of families who have adopted children from China. The purpose of FCC is provide a network of support for families who’ve adopted in China and to provide information to prospective parents. You will find many FCC chapters on your server and on Facebook.


Ethio-American Family Services Connect to other families in all steps of the adoption process and beyond in your area. Find a group in your area to come together for support of your Ethio-blended family.


Guatemala Adoptive Family Network -The Guatemala Adoptive Families Network was founded by families with children adopted from Guatemala to contribute to the well-being of all Guatemalan families and children. We initiate and support projects that help raise the standard of living for Guatemalan children and their families, that improve conditions in Guatemalan orphanages, and that promote ethical adoptions for Guatemalan children whose birth families voluntarily relinquish them, or who are otherwise legally placed for adoption. We offer opportunities for families with children adopted from Guatemala to participate in this work and to maintain lasting connections to Guatemala and its people.


Ichild is a world-wide, internet based, support group and source of information and resources for those interested in adoption from India. Topics of conversation do not necessarily have to be specific to India adoption but can be wide ranging and may include issues pertaining to India and the subcontinent, children, families, adoption, child development, health, etc.


Kazakh Aul of the United States
This organization serves to educate and enrich the lives of children from Kazakhstan who are growing up in the US. Together with their families, children participate in Kazakh heritage camp and cultural education to develop a deeper sense of knowledge and understanding of their birth culture, and how they fit into both the Kazakh and American worlds. Kazakh Aul of the United States host Zhailau Heritage camp annually in New Hampshire.

Kazapalooza is a fun filled weekend long reunion of families who have adopted children from Kazakhstan.  It is held annually on the third weekend of June.


AKA-Also Known As, Inc.
At the heart of Also-Known-As, Inc., are adult adoptees and friends who create innovative post-adoption services, educational programs, and community building activities, serving those on their adoption life journey. Check for a chapter near you.

G.O.A.’L – Global Overseas Adoptee Link
An adoptee-led organization that acts as a ‘link’ between adult adoptees and their native country by providing services and resources to its members, creating partnerships, and collaborating with governmental and nongovernmental organizations while serving the local and greater communities.

InKAS – International Korean Adoptee Service, Inc.
InKAS is a non-profit Korean post-adoption organization established in 1999 to protect the welfare and rights of all overseas adoptees and adoptive families. InKAS provides ongoing services and assistance for Korean adoptees and their adoptive families as well as support adoptees to discover their heritage and recollect a sense of unity as an ethnic Korean.

KAAN….Korean American Adoptive Family Network
Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network. Adoptees, Adoptive Parents and Korean Americans are involved in this organization, making it a most inclusive organization. KAAN is a network that links individuals and organizations across the United States and Canada.

Sejong fosters a sense of Korean-American cultural identity for families formed by adoption, birth, marriage, or choice; through education, mentorship, and community building.


LAPA Latin American Parents Assc. – NY
Latin America Parents Association (LAPA) is a not-for-profit organization registered in the State of New York. LAPA is not an adoption agency. It is an all-volunteer organization of families who have adopted or who are in the process of adopting children from Latin America. Our mission is to provide accurate and timely information as well as support before, during, and after the adoption process.


FAMILIES FOR RUSSIAN & UKRAINIAN ADOPTION (FRUA) offers hope, help and community for families completed through adoption in Eastern European and central Asian countries. An international 501.C3 support organization with chapters across the US and members around the world, it is an all-volunteer organization. FRUA focuses on international adoption support resources, providing a relationship structure that nurtures children and parents, as well as access to family support resources, an understanding community and the FRUA National Education Conference. The adopted children of FRUA’s families come from all former Soviet block countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Romania and many more. FRUA celebrates the rich heritage of our children’s birth countries and our Orphanage Support efforts ensure we never forget the children left behind in those orphanages.


Filipino Adoptee Network (FAN)
The Filipino Adoptees Network (FAN) cyber community was conceptualized by two Filipinas because of the lack of supportive websites for adoptees. Thanks to the internet, Lorial Crowder and Sharon Cuartero were reunited in 2003 after a decade of no communication. By happenstance, both wanted to develop a website for fellow adoptees from the Philippines – to speak out and share our experiences, network with other adoptees, and provide a one-stop resource portal to learn about the rich culture of the Philippines and Filipino communities in the United States and elsewhere. The FAN website was created to provide the online community that was not available to older adoptees as we were growing up; and to be a support network to adoptees as they venture to cope, understand, share and celebrate their adoption.


Adopt Vietnam
Hundreds of articles on Vietnam adoption, travel, culture, and parenting. Information support site for FCV and APV.


I Am Adoptee
Created by adoptees for adoptees, IAMAdoptee seeks to curate an online community of mental health and wellness resources to help navigate the lived experience of being an intercountry adopted person.

Adoptive Family Magazine

Adoption Advocacy/ Rainbow Kids
The internet’s central website for International Adoptions, Special Needs Adoption and anyone hoping to adopt a child. Waiting Child Photolistings, Attachment articles, Adoption Guide, personal adoption stories, online adoption videos, free children’s cultural coloring pages and adoption advocacy materials. 

Bridge Communications
Bridge Communications does diversity training and adoption education with a special emphasis on transracial/transcultural adoption, both domestic and international. The goal is to educate adoptive parents and adoption professionals on becoming a positive multiracial/multicultural adoptive family that allows the child to develop a healthy 1) racial identity, 2) self identity, and 3) family identity. Being a multiracial family is wonderful but it is different than being a monoracial family and it has its own challenges. Bridge firmly believes while love is the beginning of a solid foundation of a multiracial family; love is not enough in a world that is not colorblind. This is why we help parents with tools, including being able to respond to intrusive and inappropriate questions and comments about adoption and race. 

One of the largest and oldest adoption sites, with several hundred articles on adoption, special needs, adoption mailing lists, book reviews, adoptive parenting, adoption resources, and more.

The Evan B. Donaldson Institute is a unique, independent, national nonprofit organization that tangibly improves the lives of children and families like yours across the United States and around the world. The Institute provides leadership for better laws, policies and practices through sound research, education and advocacy. Supporting the Institute helps those touched by adoption and foster care and — most important – helps boys and girls in need of safe, loving families. No other organization is committed to such sweeping, ethics-based, change-the-world work.To get a sense of the breath and impact of the Institute’s work, please go to.

Families for International Children, Michigan

A support group for and by families who have adopted internationally. Also see culture camp info!