Birth country travel is expensive, and many adoptees and families find themselves in need of financial help. Typically, it is an experience that involves the entire family. From airline tickets to hotels to arrangements for special visits with people and places important to your adoption, it all adds up!

When you register for a Ties Program, you will receive a payment schedule. If you register at least 10 months in advance, you will have the option of paying in increments without interest. Best to register during the early bird registration period.

The Ties Program has put together some ideas that hopefully will help you think about how to finance this importance piece in your life experience of adoption.

Adoption Travel GrantsGIFT’s mission is to build a fund so that ALL international adoptees have a chance to visit their birth country and explore their beginnings—accompanied by family who loves them, and supported in a way that is emotionally healthy. The Gift of Identity Fund, Ltd. provides funding to international adoptees visiting their birth country with the goal of helping them understand their identity, heritage, and culture while traveling via The Ties Program.

Many organizations provide funding to families who would like to adopt a child, but cannot afford the cost. Until now, there has been no funding for international adoptees who need to visit their birth country to feel whole, but cannot afford the expense.

Help is here!

Whether you are an adoptee in need of funds for this journey, or an individual, organization or corporation that would like to help GIFT become a meaningful option,  please visit the GIFT website,  and join GIFT on FACEBOOK.