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Gift Ornament                     

     “Every road, every path, every waterway leads to self discovery.”

This meaningful ornament is hand crafted on a 3-inch porcelain circle, and arrives beautifully boxed. Reasonably priced at $10 each.

All proceeds go toward creating Gift of Identity grants for international adoptees so that they can visit their birth country–a journey of self discovery.

To see the ornament and place an order, please visit the  Gift of Identity website.


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As Ties families travel, we come across so very many places in need of help to buy food, medicines, cooking and heating fuel, education and all the many, many things we take for granted. The sale of items at via Amazon gives us an ongoing source of funds to help with those much needed expenses of caring for children around the world. There is NO additional cost to you, but rather Amazon gives a small, but important percentage of your purchase to World Ties to help with Project Kindness in Ties’ countries.

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