Romania Heritage Journeys

Next Gen: Romanian Ties
Exclusive for adult adoptees and those who love them
Dates: TBD

The Next Gen concept began with the Ties Program reflecting on our commitment to heritage journeys over the past 30 years. As more adoptees enter adulthood and start families of their own, we wanted to present a program that was uniquely tailored to their desires for staying connected with their birth country.

International adoptees are moving into and through adulthood, with a whole new set of needs: the need to experience their birth country at a different level, the need to connect to people they share their heritage with on an everyday level, the need to share their birth country with the people currently in their lives, and in many cases, the need to reconnect or try to connect with birth family. 

Who would Next Gen: Romania be for?

  • Adult Romanian adoptees, traveling solo or accompanied by those who are part of their lives.
  • Spouses, friends, significant others, children of adoptees.
  • Parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family—all would be welcome.

What do you think?  Does this type of program interest you?  We invite you to let us know by clicking Request Information below.   

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Fun beyond imagination! Impact beyond words!
  • Arrive in Bucharest, where Ties staff will meet you and provide transportation to the hotel. Romanian Ties travelers stay in moderate, clean hotels, where after a day out experiencing many new tastes, smells, sights and sounds, all can relax.
  • Gather for an orientation meeting, a chance to connect with other travelers, and discuss the journey ahead.
  • Tour Bucharest where you will visit the Palace of the Parliament, explore the Old City otherwise known as Lipscani District, eat scrumptious Romanian cuisine, and yes, shop.
  • Hear about Count Dracula (based on the “real” Prince Vlad Tepes), Transylvania’s famous fictional character, visit his Bran Castle, as well as have a visit to the area’s most fairytale-like castle, Peles Castle.
  • Hike in the Carpathian Mountains at Poiana Braşov, a popular ski resort, and interact with shopkeepers in Braşov’s central square.
  • Travel to Sighişoara, a perfectly preserved medieval town, and dine at The Dracula House Restaurant, the building where it is said Vlad Tepes, the character Dracula was based on, was born.
  • In Sibiu, named a European Capital of Culture in 2007, witness the diversity of an area where the Saxons and Hungarians settled and melded their traditions.
  • Immerse yourself in the rural charm of Sibiel where you’ll learn how glass icons are painted, witness daily life up close, and enjoy dinner in a family home.
  • Free time, Connect & Chat for adoptees, and Talk Time for parents throughout the trip.
  • Re-connect with people and places important to you or your family and at the “Centerpiece of your Adoption Homeland Journey.” We are happy to try to locate these individuals and will arrange for transportation and translators, if needed.
  • We end with a festive farewell dinner, providing closure to this life changing experience. 

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"A tremendous family experience and adventure, and the journey that filled the gap in our son's sense of self."

John Giudecessi

“For the first time in my life, I felt complete and at peace with who I am.”

Landy Hancock, 18

“Traveling with other kids was AWESOME!”

Anna Armour, 10

"I think the healthiest outcome of the trip for my daughter is that going with a group 'normalized' her situation and her adoption.”

Bonnie MacAdam