Paraguay Heritage Journeys

Next Generation Paraguay
Exclusive for Adult Adoptees & Those Who Love Them
July 28-August 5, 2018

Paraguay Ties–Our Flagship Program
Departure dates will be determined based on interest

Private Travel

Paraguay: What do you want to do?

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You are going to be your heritage journey!
As Paraguayan adoptees are now in their young adult years, we are finding there is a need for a travel program suited to their unique interests.

Who is Next Gen: Paraguay for?

  • Adult Paraguayan adoptees, traveling solo or accompanied by those who are part of their lives.
  • Spouses, friends, significant others, children of adoptees.
  • Parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family–all are welcome.

Whoever you decide you would like to travel with, we’ll be inclusive and provide activities they will enjoy.

Each departure will likely be unique with a unique makeup of participants. We’re flexible and will add in activities according to the group that gathers.


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Next Gen: Paraguay Highlights

  • Time with other adult Paraguayan adoptees
  • Explore downtown Ascunsion: Cultural Center Manzana de la Ribera, House of Independence, Government Palace, Cultural Center Cabildo, including Urban Art Displays
  • Visit the Soccer Museum in Villa Mora
  • Explore Paseo La Galeria, Asunción’s newest mall
  • See what it means to shop like a local in Pettirossi Market
  • Meet students at Herminio Jimenez School of Music in Itá
  • Watch and discuss (possibly with the director) the Paraguayan film “7 Cajas”
  • Learn from local artisans and come away with a creation of your own
  • Check out San Bernardino from the treetops on a canopy tour
  • Challenge a local team to a sand volleyball game
  • Check out Paraguayan music where instruments are made
  • Eat traditional Paraguayan food – oh it’s so good
  • Partner with a local social enterprise on a project that serves others
  • Enjoy an entirely unstructured day in Asunción to plan as you wish
  • Time with other adult Paraguayan adoptees (intentionally added twice since SO important!)
  • Arrive in Asuncion, where Ties staff will meet you and provide transportation to the hotel. Paraguayan Ties families stay in moderate, clean hotels, where after a day of experiencing many new tastes, smells, sights and sounds, families can relax.
  • Gather for an orientation meeting, a chance to connect with the other families, and discuss the journey ahead.
  • Explore Asuncion, where history and current culture come alive. Eat scrumptious Paraguayan food. 
  • Shop in Pettirossi Market–maybe you would like to buy some Nantudi lace, unique to Paraguay.
  • Travel to Ita to experience the countryside, and connect with people where they live, work and attend school.
  • Continue to Tobati, rich with local artisans.
  • Ride an ox-cart, a not-to-be-missed adventure. Learn about music, dance, cooking and the arts. 
  • Ride the boats (and get REALLY wet) if you’d like, or simply take in spectacular Iguassu Falls.
  • Play some soccer with local kids. Game on!

We’ve also allotted time for adoptees and their families to reconnect with people and/or places important to their adoption. The Ties Program is happy to help with the arrangements.

Paraguayan Ties offers our signature Connect & Chat for adoptees, and Talk Time for parents.

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Should you prefer to travel as an individual family, or with another family you know, we are here to help. We will be happy to help with hotels, transportation, guides/translators, sightseeing, etc. We can also customize your important adoption related visits.

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  • Project Kindness

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"A tremendous family experience and adventure, and the journey that filled the gap in our son's sense of self."

John Giudecessi

“For the first time in my life, I felt complete and at peace with who I am.”

Landy Hancock, 18

“Traveling with other kids was AWESOME!”

Anna Armour, 10

"I think the healthiest outcome of the trip for my daughter is that going with a group 'normalized' her situation and her adoption.”

Bonnie MacAdam