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Korean Ties- Our Flagship Program
June 25-July 8, 2016

Korean Ties Lite
June 25-July 5, 2016

Next Generation-Korea (for adult adoptees)
May 28-June 5, 2016

Private or Semi-Private Travel



Our Flagship Program

  • Offers a comprehensive, meaningful, fun itinerary where all activities are optional so you can do the things important to YOUR family.
  • Is staffed by:
    • A Ties group leader who creates community, builds bridges and deals with details. This enables you to focus on your family and the profound meaning of the journey.
    • An adoption professional who is available to support your family while you discover the message of the journey, prepare to connect with significant people and places important to your family, and explore how you can weave the experiences into your life story.
    • An English speaking Korean guide who will share lifestyle, customs, humor and warmth.
  • Gives you opportunities to visit people and places important to your family, in a supportive environment.
  • Includes our signature “Connect & Chat” for kids and “Talk Times” for parents, both of which are optional. These informal gatherings give you a chance to reflect on the journey as the journey unfolds.
  • Prepares your family logistically and emotionally for the journey.
  • Invites your participation in Project Kindness–Korea.


korea family 2 190 x 208Korean Ties Itineraries Vary by Departure Date

  • Arrive in Seoul, where Ties staff will meet you and provide transportation to the hotel. Korean Ties families tend to stay in moderate to deluxe hotels, where after a day out experiencing many new tastes, smells, sights and sounds, families can relax.
  • Gather for an orientation meeting, a chance to connect with the other families, and discuss the journey ahead.
  • Explore Seoul, including Gyeongbok Palace, the Blue House, Chongyecheon Riverwalk, and Dongdaemun (Eastgate) Market where you will experience this traditional market, and, if you’d like, shop for a hanbok!
  • Visit the Korean Folk Village, an interactive, open-air museum of folklore and customs, and Hwaseong Fort in Suwon.
  • Enjoy time at the Korean social service agency your family worked with, Holt Children’s Services, Eastern Social Welfare Society (formerly Eastern Child Welfare Society), Social Welfare Society, and/or Korea Social Services.
  • The Ties Program will assist with family requests and arrangements to meet foster mothers, caregivers, and orphanage staff, as well as visit significant places related to your adoption. Birth family searches and reunions are also sometimes a possibility, and the Ties Program will assist with this, too.
  • An experience that is truly healing for both you, as visitors, and the women you will meet, is a visit at a maternity home where expectant women live as they explore the options for the future of their children. Here you will have the chance to meet and dialog.
  • Drive through the countryside to Mt. Sorak National Park, where you’ll explore this beautiful park and ride a cable car to the highest peaks for breathtaking views.Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.11.58 AM
  • A relaxing ride from Seoul will lead you to Busan, the second largest city in South Korea and full working port city. While in Busan, you will tour the city, visit the colorful Jagalchi Fish Market, shop at the International Market, and visit at an orphanage to play with the babies and children there.
  • With your hotel directly on the beach of Haeundae Bay, take time to enjoy the sun and sand, while sharing family time with Korean families from the area. Or, join other Korean Ties families for a day trip to Gyeongju (prior capital of the Silla dynasty and World Heritage site), famous for Tumuli Park, Bulguksa Temple and Sokkuram Grotto.
  • Board the high-speed KTX train traveling through scenic hills, valleys and rice paddies on your way back to Seoul, with stops in Daegu and Daejeon on route for families with requests there.
  • Fly to Jeju Island and explore the “Hawaii of Korea.” 
  • Each family will have the opportunity to visit with a Korean family in their home, a great “people experience,” making Korea feel more real and personal. To add to these “people experiences” you will also enjoy a school visit—making new friends and learning about school activities in Korea.
  • All programs allow for “free” time so families can explore areas of special interest, shop, have additional contact with significant people, etc.

Relax. Savor. Reflect.






Many of our programs (Korea included), include a Ties Lite option. It will give you all of the advantages of traveling with a Ties Program, but a shorter stay, lowering your costs. You will receive information on Korean Ties and Korean Ties Lite when you request information.





Created especially for adult adoptees and those who honor them. 

So who is Next Gen Korea for?
The Next Generation of adoptees is here, moving into and through adulthood, with a whole new set of needs. The need to experience their birth country at a different level. The need to connect on an everyday level, to people with whom they share a common heritage. The need to share their birth country with the new people in their lives (significant others, spouses, children and close friends), as well as with others (parents, siblings, grandparents) in their lives—all who have honored them. And in some cases, the need to reconnect or try to connect with birth family.

Next Gen Korea has been created with these realities in mind.

Are you a Korean adoptee? Join us in the Next Gen Korea Facebook Group.

adult KAD

While on a Next Generation journey, you will be in the care of an adult adoptee, a Next Gen Ties staff member, and a wonderful English speaking Next Gen Korean guide. Staff will be geared toward YOUR generation, your needs, your dreams.

Next Gen Korea travelers will see Korea through a new lens. They will take in a 4D movie Korean style, eat chicken at a baseball game (no hotdogs there!), have a street food adventure, take drumming and cooking classes, and stay a night or two in a traditional Korean Hanok (wooden house) or do a temple stay. Yes, you’ll sing (or shout) a little at a noreabang too. And, you’ll have a chance to visit your social service agency, and do adoption related visits if you’d like. The Next Gen Team will help you with all the details.






While we believe strongly in the support a group provides, we know there are times when individual family travel is a better fit. We are happy to work with individual families or small groups of families. Please email us your request.


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