Community in its Most Authentic Version

Community in adoptive family travel-it is a huge part of a Ties travel experience. Maybe even THE biggest part. There is really no way to overstate the importance of adoptees and their families traveling with other adoptees and their families on this particular journey.  It’s not just that we all have this big life experience-international adoption-in common. It’s that when … Read More

Questions of Identity, International Adoptees

A thought provoking statement… “Visiting one’s birth country is a series of directed questions at one’s own identity, whether an adoptee is aware of their own questions or not.” Janelle Bentley, an international adoptee, is the author of those profound words. Janelle traveled on a Ties trip to her birth country when she was 17. Janelle is 27 now and … Read More

My Favorite Moment by Kathy Gallo

If “brevity is the soul of wit”, then my story at least fills that measure: After our 4 days in Bejiing, we flew to the province where Lina was born. As we walked off the plane and onto the gangway holding hands, my usually fairly demure, sweet, and softspoken daughter looked up at me and said with such confidence and … Read More

Plan Ahead: Here’s Why


Making a Plan Changes Things Are you thinking about traveling to your birth country? Or traveling as a family to your child’s country of birth? It’s time to make plans. Here’s why: This is so much more than a vacation–it is an exploration of identity. With that exploration, there will likely be special visits that must be arranged, people you … Read More