Questions of Identity, International Adoptees

A thought provoking statement… “Visiting one’s birth country is a series of directed questions at one’s own identity, whether an adoptee is aware of their own questions or not.” Janelle Bentley, an international adoptee, is the author of those profound words. Janelle traveled on a Ties trip to her birth country when she was 17. Janelle is 27 now and … Read More

Dual Identity: Blending In & Standing Out

Identity is a complicated topic. When traveling in their birth country, many kids are anxious to walk a few steps ahead or a few steps behind whoever they are traveling with to see what it feels like to blend in, to be “like everyone else.” For most, it is the first time in their lives where they have had the … Read More

Meeting Foster Families & Other Caregivers

Meeting foster families and other caregivers is often one of the most meaningful parts of your birth country journey. It is often a time filled with both anxiety and excitement. What will you say? What will you learn? What if there are awkward silences? Will she remember me? I want to tell her about my life and show her some … Read More

Complexities: What Age is the ‘Right’ Age?

When is the “right time” to travel?  Parents wonder: do we wait until our child shows interest? Until our child is old enough to appreciate and remember the journey? Or do we exercise our parental prerogative to make decisions we believe are in the best interest of our children?  As one workshop participant put it: “Should we treat it like eating … Read More