Belonging & Birth Country Travel

Belonging. It’s a basic human need. We all crave it, and many kids find it among their peers as they visit their birth country. Remember Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs theory? If you’re a little rusty on that, here are the Cliff Notes. Maslow held that people must have basic needs like food, water, safety, BELONGING and self esteem met … Read More

Zhailau Kazakhstan Heritage Camp

Zhailau Kazakhstan Heritage Camp: July 22-27, 2013 Zhailau is the only word I’ve ever googled, and been unable to find a correct pronunciation. So, I went to the real experts, and emailed some of the amazing teachers from the Zhailau Kazakhstan Heritage Camp, and asked them to provide me a phonetic pronunciation. Dilara Shomayeva, a professional ballerina who performs with … Read More

Korea Adoption: Ties Family in the News

Korea Adoption & Homeland Visit By DANIELLE HATCH of the Journal Star Colin Flavin didn’t have any memories of the bustling city of Seoul, where he was born, or the foster mom who cared for him during the first months of his life. But the Metamora teen, who was adopted when he was 8-months-old, recently got some insight into his early … Read More

Birth Country Travel Creates Perspective Change

It is impossible to travel and not be touched by the amazing people and cultures that make up our global experience. Kids soak this in as they travel to their birth country, often times fueling compassion that all parents hope to see develop in their children. Perspective change is indeed at play during a homeland journey. Nicky, 13 years old,and … Read More