World Ties & Project Kindness

In partnership with The Ties Program, World Ties is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and families worldwide via Project Kindness. Our mission is to identify humanitarian needs, providing charitable donations to orphanages and child care facilities visited by The Ties Program. We provide a channel for Ties Program families, friends, and others to support identified projects that help people create a better quality of life for themselves and their children.

Kindness. It is a global need and a personal need–both in the giving of kindness and in the receiving. And it connects us all.


Project Kindness

To learn about humanitarian efforts in your (or your child’s) country of birth:

  • Find your country page.
  • On the country page, click on “Project Kindness.”
  • Learn about what participants are doing in the country.
  • Offer your help or donate to the project.

Project Kindness is successful because of the continued interest and enthusiasm of participants, and those they reach out to for help, raising global awareness and action to a higher level.

To donate to World Ties: 

The Bunk Bed Solution

The Bunk Bed Solution—Cambodia will  provide beds to 40 students who are in school thanks to Sustainable Schools International. SSI, founded by adoptive parents Kari and George Grossman, began in 2001 by educating children in rural areas of Cambodia.

Forty of those students have now earned their way to college in Phnom Penh, and live at the SSI’s Leadership Academy. They live long distances from their families, but are excited to be learning skills they can bring back to their villages.

The problem is, they have no adequate beds to sleep in.

With your help, we will be purchasing 20 bunk beds. Ties volunteers will deliver the bunk beds to these students in December 2017.

Imagine the long-term effects—a better night’s sleep, better health, better focus in college classes and a better skill set, leading to a better job and more stable global communities.

It starts with something as basic as a bed.

Please purchase a bed (or half a bed) for a student in need, giving children in Cambodia hope for their futures. A full bunk bed is $440 which includes the bed frame, two mattresses, and delivery to the SSI facility. A half bunk bed is $220. Or, give the amount that is possible within your budget. It will all go toward this beautiful purpose.

Please note: If you are donating on behalf of a person, team, or organization, please “add special instructions” to your donation to indicate who you are donating on behalf of, or email us to let us know.Thank you for understanding and acting on the importance of The Bunk Bed Solution—Cambodia.