Teens and Tweens*: What I Would Tell You if I Could Find the Words

An interactive workshop for parents of international adoptees, adult adoptees and adoption professionals. (material is very sensitive and geared to adults)Adoption Teens Tweens If you are parenting an international adoptee, chances are they are holding back. This workshop will help you hear adoptees’ thoughts on:

  • Fitting in
  • Relationships with their birth & adoptive families
  • Adoptee loyalty
  • Poverty
  • Understanding their background
  • Why…the ever present question
  • Abandonment issues and Insecurities
  • Control issues
  • Self worth
  • Hope

A unique and interactive workshop. You will hear and experience the thoughts of international adoptees….the “restricted information” shared openly and honestly. We will also provide suggestions to help you create a strategy that will strengthen the relationship with your child.

Cost: $10 per person. ALL proceeds are donated to The Gift of Identity Fund, providing grants to international adoptees.

RSVP required: If you’d like to attend either workshop, please RSVP to info@AdoptiveFamilyTravel.com to say you are coming. Seats are limited and we want to be sure everyone is comfortable.

*Important note: We’ve quickly learned the title of the workshop has a flaw. The title is “Teens and Tweens: What I Would Tell You If I Could Find the Words.” The issue is this…the things we’re discussing are not exclusive to teens and tweens. The reality is that “kids” across the ages—little ones and fully grown ones are holding in many of the same thoughts. That’s because it’s not so much about age as it is about the entire life experience of an international adoptee. Different things occur to “kids” at a different ages, and their exposure to information is tangled in the web of online information and social media.

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Would you like this workshop presented closer to where you live? If so, please email info@AdoptiveFamilyTravel.com to let us know.

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