a connect kindness CMany years ago, The Ties Program implemented “Project Kindness” via our sister organization World Ties, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that supports children and families in Ties’ countries. So that our efforts are focused, we try to find a place, or a group of children, and build a relationship that enhances the lives of the community we touch.

In Peru, World Ties has an ongoing commitment to helping Instituto Chavez de la Rosa, an orphanage in Arequipa. Donations have provided a series of Hepatitis B shots for 60 children, purchased other needed medicine, and resulted in improved living conditions at the orphanage. For more than 10 years, a February (mid-summer in Peru) trip to the beach has been possible thanks to the kindness of families and the dedicated effort of our long time guide, Jorge.

a peru project kindness C


World Ties has also provided support to  the SOS Children’s Village near Lima, a world renowned organization providing family like communities where children in need of a family can grow up.

Peruvian Ties families have also helped support Hogar Mercedes de Jesus Molina, located in a very poor area about 30 minutes from Cusco. Over the years, World Ties has donated money to meet both long and short term needs of the children that live here. For example, a delegation of Ties families went to the market to purchase each child a pair of sturdy shoes and then housewares including an industrial size set of pots and industrial size spoons and ladles. They also purchased a plate, cup, bowl, and silverware for each child. Additional funds were used to buy huge bags of rice, flour, sugar, powdered milk and other staples which would stock the kitchen for six months as well as some special treats. Money has also been spent on wood to heat the orphanage and books. Over the years, several Ties families have opted to sponsor children from The Hogar providing for their daily care and educational needs.

Please consider making a monthly donation so that projects can continue to be funded in Peru. Thank you.