a connect kindness CMany years ago, The Ties Program implemented “Project Kindness” via our sister organization World Ties, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that supports children and families in Ties’ countries. So that our efforts are focused, we try to find a place, or a group of children, and build a relationship that enhances the lives of the community we touch.

World Ties is pleased to support the efforts of Common Hope, The Open Windows Foundation Semillas de Amor Children’s Village, Niños con Bendición, and The Scheel Center.

The Scheel Center serves children and their families in one of the most challenged areas of Jocotenango. In addition to providing for the physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of their students, Scheel Center programs also reach out to assist the entire family. Recognizing that many children from this area will not attend school beyond the 8th or 9th grade, training programs in the technical areas of carpentry and culinary arts are also offered.

Semillas de Amor’s mission is to provide a loving and safe place for children to grow up. A relatively young organization, World Ties is committed to supporting Semillas de Amor’s goal of building a children’s village. The mission of the Semillas de Amor Children’s Village is to provide care, high-level education, and solid futures for Guatemala’s at-risk children. In addition to consisting of a home for children who are unable to remain with their biological families, plans for the children’s village include a school, a clinic, and a daycare facility for working mothers.

Niños con Bendición was created in 2006 by Lesbi Chavez and her husband Juventino Guaran so children from economically impoverished families in San Antonio Aguas Calientes could receive a quality education and strengthen their cultural and family ties. 

Children in the program attend school, study together, learn Mayan and Guatemalan folk dance, take music lessons, and share meals.

Common Hope, founded in 1986, has worked with hundreds of families in the Antigua area. Recognizing the importance of education, Common Hope provides educational programs of its own as well as partnering with area schools. In addition, the organization provides programs in the areas of Health Care, Housing, and Family Development. Participation and partnership is at the heart of the organization’s success.

The Open Windows Foundation is located in the village of San Miguel Duenas near Antigua. The Foundation is a non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the literacy rate in the community by providing open access to their library, computer center, and school (materials) loan program. In just a few years, over 500 children have used their programs to improve their education, job opportunities, and life skills. Funded completely by donations from generous people all over the world the Foundation offers their services free of charge to the people in the community. They also enlist the help of local and international volunteers who assist with the services provided.