Many years ago, The Ties Program implemented Project Kindness via our sister organization World Ties, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that supports children and families in Ties’ countries. So that our efforts are focused, we try to find a place, or a group of children, and build a relationship that enhances the lives of the community we touch.

World Ties is pleased to support the efforts El Amor de Patricia, Niños con Bendición, and De La Gente Cooperative. 

El Amor de Patricia’s Children’s Home provides a safe and nurturing environment for abandoned, abused, and neglected children where they are loved, appreciated and encouraged to reach their full potential in a family style setting.  World Ties supports El Amor in a variety of ways including providing enrichment activities for the children and delivery of bunk beds, water filters and stoves in rural communities via The Bunk Bed Project.

Niños con Bendición was created in 2006 by Lesbi Chavez and her husband Juventino Guaran so children from economically impoverished families in San Antonio Aguas Calientes could receive a quality education and strengthen their cultural and family ties. Children in the program attend school, study together, learn Mayan and Guatemalan folk dance, take music lessons, and share meals.

De La Gente is a coffee cooperative that has come together to provide opportunities to families in rural Guatemala. And the coffee is fabulous!