Dear Adoptees and Families:

The quote above captures the essence of Guatemalan Ties. It is a journey providing extraordinary experiences that will shape lives and illuminate minds. We’re so grateful to be back and able to provide you and your family with this life changing experience. After the temporary hiatus due to COVID-19, we have never been more excited for a Guatemalan Ties trip to run, and for the adoptee(s) in your family to connect with the people, culture and country that are such an important part of who they are.

We understand how important and exciting this trip is for your familyIn the many years we have done Ties programs around the world, we have seen how beneficial it is for adoptees to share this journey with their family support team.  Plus, the benefit of adoptees traveling with other adoptees cannot be overstated.  We pride ourselves in making your family’s journey a personal one, tailoring days so you and your family reconnect with people and places important to you. At the same time, you have the benefits of traveling with a group—a community of families with similar life experiences.   

We are pleased to offer two travel options in 2023—Guatemalan Ties and Guatemalan Ties Lite. Both programs are staffed by a team of adoption specialists who facilitate our signature Connect & Chat for adoptees and siblings, and Talk Times for parents. They also create community, build bridges and attend to details enabling you to focus on your family and the profound meaning of the journey.

This strong support is extremely significant in creating the identity building experience adoptees need and the bonding experience you want for your family. It is a formula that has served families well for more than two decades! 

In addition to seeing the sights of Guatemala, you’ll have the opportunity to meet people with whom the adoptee(s) in your family share a common heritage. The messages these experiences and encounters provide are pivotal to an adoptee’s identity development.  At the center of the journey are memories of becoming a family. Stories about this time come alive as you visit memorable places and connect with the people involved in your family’s adoption. Adoptees are better able to identify with the first chapter of their lives when they can see for themselves where their story began and meet the people who were involved. 

Traveling as a family on a journey of this magnitude is a life changing experience. It fosters understanding, nurtures pride, and creates memories.  Your journey will leave you awed by Guatemala and its people, truly rich in beauty, warmth, and humor. We sincerely hope your participation in our program creates a family memory that, like your family ties, will last of lifetime

To 2023 in Guatemala!

Guatemalan Ties
June 18-June 29, 2023
July 2-13, 2023

Guatemalan Ties Lite
June 18- 25, 2023
July 2-9, 2023

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