Guatemala adoption

Families from all over the United States and Canada have traveled with Guatemalan Ties since 2001. We were also delighted to have a family from Belgium join a group a few years ago, and may see more international travelers in the future.

During that time “kids” as young as 4 and as old as 26 have traveled with their families. Frequently, other extended family members travel with Ties adoptive family homeland journeys.

Guatemalan Ties families take in the sights of Guatemala City before traveling to Panajachel where exploring the forest canopy on a zip line or a series of hanging bridges is possible.

Prepare to be captivated by the beauty of Lake Atitlan and it’s surrounding shoreline.Families will visit a couple of the villages around the lake, meeting local artisans and weaving co-op members. There’ll even be an opportunity to attend a painting class!

Before traveling to Antigua, experience Market Day in Chichicastenango, one of the most colorful markets in the world!

Guatemalan Ties provides lots of experiences to connect with the people of Guatemala. Witness the power of change while meeting people living in villages partnering with ALDEA, formerly known as Behrhorst Partners for Development. Learn about the services provided by Los Patojos and Semillas de Amor while playing with the children served by these organizations. And discover the difference fair trade makes in the life of members of coffee cooperatives such as De La Gente.

But Guatemalan Ties is so much more! It is an opportunity for adoptees to connect to the country where they were born. For some, this means visiting the places parents reminisce about when talking about becoming a family. For others, trying to locate a foster mother is important. Periodically, families have located birth family and wish to meet while traveling. Each of these experiences and others empower adoptees to tell their own story rather than reciting stories they’ve heard about their life before joining their family.

Throughout Guatemalan Ties, optional Connect & Chat gatherings for the kids and Talk Times for the adults will be offered – great places to discuss the messages of the journey with others who understand.

Birth country travel is an experience like no other!

For the more than 20 years Adoptive Family Travel by The Ties Program has helped families visit their child’s country of birth. From handling the logistics to providing helpful insights into the emotional aspects of the journey, we handle the details so parents can focus on experiencing and supporting their kids before, after and during the journey.
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July 3-14, 2016

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