While traveling, families often wish to reconnect with people and places important in the life of their son or daughter. Reminiscing is an important part of the journey and these points of connection provide a foundation for your child.

The Ties Program is pleased to assist by requesting permission to visit orphanages, exploring the possibility of meeting foster families and orphanage caretakers, and making arrangements to see other places important to your family’s story such as the hotel where your family first met, a hospital, place of finding, or birth village. Families will travel with an English speaking guide to assist with and personalize the visits.

About International Birth Family Search & Reunion
  • In many of the countries we serve, it is possible to do a birth family search. Frankly, there have been many more reunions for international adoptees than we ever thought possible when we started a quarter of a century ago.
  • We are happy to help you locate a searcher, explain the process, and talk with you about the pros and cons of “finding or not finding”. We neither encourage or discourage birth family search, but rather help you understand the process and complexities so you make a decision you are comfortable with.
  • When or if birth family is located, we can also help by setting up the logistics of a meeting, transportation and translation.

Here are some of the places families have or hope to visit as part of their journey to Ukraine. This list is an evolving one with frequent additions. See something missing? Or, are there other people or places on your “dream list?” Please email us. We are always open to helping you with other connections.

Cherkasy Oblast/Province
Cherkassy Baby Orphanage, Cherkassy Orphanage, Chyhyryn Orphanage, Compensational Orphanage (Uman), Kaniv Orphanage, Kropivne Orphanage, Orphanage for Children (Shpola), Orphanage for the Deaf (Cherkasy), Shevchenkove Orphanage

Chernihiv Oblast/Province
Horodnya Orphanage, Krasny Khutir Orphanage, Pryluky Baby Orphanage, Pryluky Orphanage, Udaitsy Orphanage

Chernivtsi Oblast/Province
Chernivtsi Baby Orphanage, Chernivtsi Orphanage, Orshivtsi Orphanage

Crimea Oblast/Province
Chernyshovo Republican Orphanage for Children School Age, Dzhankoi Orphanage, Feodosiya Republican Orphanage for Children Preschool and School Age, Gvardiysky Specialized Boarding School, Kerch Orphanage, Orphanage #1 (Sevastopol), Orphanage #2 (Sevastopol), Republic of Crimea Baby Orphanage “Yalynka” (Simferopol), Residential School – Group for Orphans (Sevastopol), Sebastopol Baby Orphanage, Stroganovka Orphanage, Yalta Baby Orphanage, Yelochka Orphanage (Simferopol)

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast/Province
Baby House #1 (Dnipropetrovsk), Dnepropetrovsk Orphanage #1 (Dnipropetrovsk), Dnepropetrovsk Orphanage #2 “Bereginya” (Dnipropetrovsk), Dnepropetrovsk Orphanage on Spogadiv (Dnipropetrovsk), Dniprodzerzhynsk Baby Orphanage, Dniprodzerzhynsk Orphanage, Dnipropetrovsk Compensatory Orphanage #6, Dnipropetrovsk Orphanage on Peremohy, Kryvyi Rih Baby Orphanage, Kryvyi Rih Orphanage #1, Kryvyi Rih Orphanage #2, Kryvyi Rih Orphanage #3, Kryvyi Rih Orphanage #4, Kryvyi Rih Orphanage #9, Kryvyi Rih Orphanage on H. Romanovoi, Nikopol Baby Orphanage, Nikopol Orphanage #1, Nikopol Orphanage for Children Preschool and School Age, Nikopol Orphanage, Orphanage of Dnipropetrovsk District (Dnipropetrovsk), Pavlograd Orphanage, Pereschepensky Orphanage (Pereshhepino), Svitanok Orphanage (Dniperopetrovsk), Vasilkovka Orphanage, Vyshetarasovsky Orphanage (Vishhetarasivka-1), Zholty Vody Orphanage

Donetsk Oblast/Province
Amvrosijivka Orphanage, Antoshka (Kramatorsk), Artemivsk Orphanage, Chasiv Yar Orphanage, Donetsk Baby Orphanage, Donetsk Orphanage #1, Donetsk Orphanage, Kramatorsk Baby Orphanage, Makeevka Orphanage, Mariupol Orphanage, Marjinka Orphanage, Nikolaevka Orphanage, Orphanage #1 for Children Preschool Age (Donetsk), Orphanage for Children of All Ages “Center of Education” (Mariupol), Orphanage for Children of All Ages (Snizhne), Orphanage for Children of All Ages (Torez), Orphanage for Children (Kramatorsk), Orphanage Nadiya (Gorlivka), Roschitsa Detsky Dom (Kramatorsk), Slovyansk Orphanage on Bulvarna, Slovyansk Orphanage on Internatna, Snizhne Orphanage, Sonechko Orphanage (Mariupol), Uglegorsk Orphanage for Children with Visual Impairments

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast/Province
Dolyna Orphanage for Children Preschool and School Age, Ivano-Frankivsk Orphanage (Uhornyky), Mykulychyn Orphanage, Nadvirna Baby Orphanage, Pereginsk Orphanage, Smodne Orphanage

Kharkiv Oblast/Province
Baby House #1 (Kharkiv), Baby House #2 (Kharkiv), Baby House #3 (Kharkiv), Bohodukhiv Orphanage, Green Grove (Zeleny Gai) (Kharkovsky), Izum Orphanage, Kharkiv Baby Orphanage on Kuznetska, Kharkiv Baby Orphanage on Rubalka, Kharkiv Municipal Orphanage for Children of All Ages, Kharkiv Regional Orphanage #4, Kochetok Orphanage, Krasnokutsk Orphanage (Petrovskoho), Kupyansk Orphanage, Lubotyn Orphanage, Nova Vodolaga School Orphanage, Sakhnovschina Orphanage (Sakhnivschyna), Vysoke Baby Orphanage

Kherson Oblast/Province
Kherson Baby Orphanage, Regional Orphanage (Kherson), Special Orphanage “Teremok” (Kherson), Tsyurupynsk Orphanage

Khmelnytskyi Oblast/Province
Golenischevo Orphanage, Holenyshche Orphanage, Khmelnytskyi Baby Orphanage, Khmelnytskyi Orphanage, Slavuta Orphanage, Vovkovyntski Orphanage

Kirovohrad (Kirovograd) Oblast/Province
Alexandriya Orphanage for Children (Pantaivka), Alexandriya Orphanage (Pantaivka), Kirovohrad Baby Orphanage, Kirovohrad Orphanage, Orphanage “Barvinok” (Kirovohrad), Pantaijvka Orphanage, Preschool Orphanage (Kirovohrad), Znamyanka Orphanage

Kyiv (Kiev) Oblast/Province
Bila Tserkva Baby Orphanage, Bila Tserkva Orphanage “Voloshka”, Boyarka Baby House, Center for Protection of Children (Slavutich), Custodial Orphanage (Fastov), Custodial Orphanage (Stritivka), Irpin Orphanage (Bucha), Kyiv Baby Orphanage “Berezka”, Kyiv Orphanage “Malyatko”, Kyiv Orphanage on Saratovska, Orphanage “Barvinok” (Makariv), Orphanage “Bereginya” (Borispol), Orphanage “Cheburashka” (Rokitno), Orphanage “Gnizdechko” (Ivankiv), Orphanage “Gorobynonka” (Grebenky), Orphanage “Lubystok” (Brovary), Orphanage “Lubystok” (Novy Petrivtsy), Orphanage “Materinka” (Bila Tservkva), Orphanage “Nadiya” (Skvira), Orphanage “Nadiya” (Tarascha), Orphanage “Nadiya” (Tetiyv), Orphanage “Oberig” (Boguslav), Orphanage “Prolisok” (Vovchkiv), Orphanage “Rodina” (Boyarka), Orphanage “Rodina” (Sezenkiv), Orphanage “Sonechko” (Burty), Orphanage “Sonechko” (Vasylkov), Orphanage “Sonyachny” (Zhukin), Orphanage “Svitanok” (Berezan), Orphanage “Svitanok” (Krasilovka), Orphanage “Vinochok” (Yagotin), Orphanage “Yurasik” (Tsybli), Orphanage School #12 (Kyiv), Orphanage School #3 (Kyiv), Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi School Orphanage, Sanatorium Orphanage for Children (Kyiv), Vasylkiv Technical Vocational School for Orphans, Vorzel Baby Orphanage, Zgurovska School Orphanage

Luhansk (Lugansk) Oblast/Province
Children’s Home #1 (Luhansk), Lotikove Baby Orphanage, Luhansk Orphanage, Lutugino Orphanage (Lutuhyne), Schotivsky Orphanage (Shotove), Severodonetsk Orphanage, Teplogirsky Orphanage (Teplogirsk)

Lviv (Lvov, Lwow) Oblast/Province
Chervonohrad Orphanage, Dobromyl Orphanage, Hnizdychiv Orphanage, Lavriv Orphanage, Lvov Baby Orphanage #1 (Lviv), Lvov Baby Orphanage #2 (Lviv), Orphanage “Lubystok” (Sambir), Orphanage “Oranta” (Drohobych), Orphanage “Oriana” (Borislav), Orphanage “Ridny Dim” (Kornalovichi), Orphanage “Schyre Sertse” (Novyy Milyatin), Orphanage “Vyshenka” (Zhovtantsi), Orphanage for Children of All Ages (Sasiv), State Orphanage #1 (Lviv), Stryi Orphanage, Yavoriv Foster House

Mykolaiv (Nikolaev) Oblast/Province
Nikolaev Baby Orphanage, Nikolaev Orphanage #2, Nikolaev Orphanage #5, Ochakov Orphanage on Lenina, Ochakov Orphanage on Pervomayska, Ochakov Orphanage, Pervomaisk Orphanage

Odesa (Odessa) Oblast/Province
Andreevo-Ivansky Orphanage (Andrijevo-Ivanivka), Balta Orphanage, Bilhorod Baby Orphanage (Bilhorod Dnistrovskyi), Bilhorod Dnistrovskyi Orphanage for Children Preschool and School Age, Bilhorod Orphanage (Bilhorod Dnistrovskyi), Chorna Orphanage, Internot #4 (Odesa), Izmail Orphanage, Kilisky Orphanage (Kiliya), Kotovsk Orphanage, Odesa Children’s Home #1, Odesa Children’s Home #3, Odesa Orphanage #1, Odesa Orphanage #4, Odessa Baby Orphanage on Dobrovolskogo, Odessa Baby Orphanage on Mayachnyi, Odessa Orphanage #9, Odessa Orphanage on Profsoyuzna, Pishchane Orphanage, Zhovten Orphanage (Zovten)

Poltava Oblast/Province
Gradyzk Orphanage for Children, Hadyach Orphanage, Kobelyaki Orphanage (Kobeliaky), Kremenchuk Baby Orphanage, Kremenchuk Children’s Orphanage, Makarenko Kremenchuk Orphanage, Orphanage for Children of Preschool Age “Veselka” (Hadyach), Poltava Orphanage

Rivneska Oblast/Province
Rivne Baby Orphanage, Rivne Orphanage, Verba Orphanage, Yasenynychi Orphanage

Sumy Oblast/Province
Darevsky Romny Orphanage (Romny), Grunska Special School (Sumy), Konotop Orphanage, Pravdinsky Orphanage (Ivanivka), Sumy Baby Orphanage, Sumy Boarding School for Children Void of Parents, Sumy Orphanage, Sumy Preschool, Suprun Sumy Orphanage (Sumy), Ulyanivka Orphanage

Ternopil Oblast/Province
Koropets Orphanage, Melnytsa Orphanage (Melnitsa-Podilska), Petrykiv Orphanage, Ternopil Region Specialized Orphanage, Ternopil Regional Orphanage (Dolina), Ternopyl Baby Orphanage (Ternopil), Ternopyl Orphanage (Ternopil)
Vinnytsia Oblast/Province
Bratslava Orphanage (Bratslav), Nemyriv Orphanage (Bratslav), Pishchansky Orphanage (Pishchanka), Stryzhavka Orphanage, Sytkivtsi Orphanage, Tulchyn Baby Orphanage, Tulchyn Orphanage, Vinnytsya Baby Orphanage #1, Vinnytsya Orphanage “Hnizdechko”

Volynska Oblast/Province
Holovno Orphanage, Kivertsi Orphanage “Sonechko”, Lublinetsky Orphanage (Dovgonose), Lutsk Baby Orphanage, Volodymyr Orphanage

Zakarpatska (Transcarpatia) Oblast/Province
Benyansky Orphanage (Bene), Chaslivtsi Orphanage, Chynadievo Orphanage, Dobrosyllya Orphanage, Domboka Orphanage, Mukachevo Orphanage, Perechyn Orphanage, Perekhrestya Orphanage, Svalyava Baby Orphanage, Vynohradiv Orphanage (Vinohradiv)

Zaporizhzhya Oblast/Province
Berdyansk Orphanage, Little Sun (Zaporizhzha), Matveevsky Orphanage (Matveevka), Molochansk Orphanage, Vilnyansk Orphanage, Zaporizhzha Baby Orphanage “Solnechko”, Zaporizhzha Orphanage #3

Zhytomyrska Oblast/Province
Berdichev Orphanage, Deyshi Orphanage (Denyshi), Novohrad Baby Orphanage (Novorhad Volynsky), Potijvka Orphanage, Radomyshl Orphanage, Zhytomyr Baby Orphanage, Zhytomyr Children’s House, Zhytomyr Orphanage

The Ties Program does not endorse any of the places listed above, but rather offers them as places families have indicated they may want to visit.