While traveling, families often wish to reconnect with people and places important in the life of their son or daughter. Reminiscing is an important part of the journey and these points of connection provide a foundation for your child.

The Ties Program is pleased to assist by requesting permission to visit orphanages, exploring the possibility of meeting foster families and orphanage caretakers, and making arrangements to see other places important to your family’s story such as the hotel where your family first met, a hospital, place of finding, or birth village. Families will travel with an English speaking guide to assist with and personalize the visits.

About International Birth Family Search & Reunion
  • In many of the countries we serve, it is possible to do a birth family search. Frankly, there have been many more reunions for international adoptees than we ever thought possible when we started a quarter of a century ago.
  • We are happy to help you locate a searcher, explain the process, and talk with you about the pros and cons of “finding or not finding”. We neither encourage or discourage birth family search, but rather help you understand the process and complexities so you make a decision you are comfortable with.
  • When or if birth family is located, we can also help by setting up the logistics of a meeting, transportation and translation.

Here are some of the people and places families have or hope to visit as part of their journey to Bulgaria. This list is an evolving one with frequent additions. See something missing? Or, are there other people or places on your “dream list?” Please email us. We are always open to helping you with other connections.

Assen Zlatarov
Berkovitsa Social Home
Bogdanovo Social Home
Borovtsi Social Home
Borovtsi International
Brestovista Social Home
Burgas Dom
Burzitsa Children’s Home
Buzovgrad Social Home
Dobromirtci Social Home
Dolna Banja
Dr Stoykoya Baby Orphanage, Silistra
Duganovo Home
Dupnitza Home
Gabrovo Baby Home
Gabrovo Dom Maika I Dete
Giorgi Damyanova Social Home
Gomotartsi Dom
Gorna Koznitsa Social Home
Gutzla Home
Haskovo Home
Hristo Botev Social Home for Children (Dragodanovo)
Illakov Rat Home for Children and Teenagers with Heavy Mental Deficiency
Ivan Rilski Home
Kalina Home
Kalofer Social Home
Kardjali Home
Karin Dom, Varna
Kermen Children’s Home
Kimora Social Home
Kiril and Methodious Home, Borovo
Kosova Residential School, near Vidin area
Kotel Specialized Rehabilitative Children’s Hospital
Krasno Selo Home
Krushari Orphanage Dobrich
Kula Social Home
Lopyan Orphanage
Lukovit Home for Girls and Boys
Lukovit orphanage
Maika I Dete Mother and Child Homes
Maria Luiza Orphanage, Buzovgrad
Mogilino Social Home for Disabled Children
Mother and Child Children’s Home, Silistra
Novo Selo Vidin Orphanages
Obekti Baby Home
Olga Skobeleva Home
P. R. Slaveikov Home
Panagyurishte Social Home
Pazardjik Home
Petrovo Social Home I and II
Pleven Social Home 1
Plovdiv Social Home
Popovo Social Home
Pravets Home for Children
Priateli Orphanage, Veliko Tarnova
Queen Maria Louisa Orphanage
Radevo Social Home
Radost Home
Razliv Social Home
Rila Social Home
Roman Home
Rousse Social Home
Rudnik Dom
Sava Filaretov Home
Shiroka Laka Baby Home
Shiroka Luka Katia Vancheva Home for Children & Teenagers
Shoumen Dom Maika I Dete
Sladak Kladenetz Social Home
Slatino Home
Slatino & Stob village orphanages
Sofia Baby Home, Lozinets District
Sofia Krasno Selo Home
Sofia’s Children’s Hospital
St Theodosi Tarnovski School for Children with Special Needs (Veliko Tarnovo)
St. Mina Hospital
Strazhitsa dom
Sushitsa Dom
Sveta Marina Home
Sveta Mina
Sveta Paraskeva Home
Teteven Baby Home
Totleben Social Home
Tri Kladentsi Social Home
Varna Social Home
Velingrad Home for Children and Adolescents
Vetran Home
Vidin Baby Home
Vidin Novo Selo Orphanage
Vidrare Home
Vratza Social Home
Zakrila Social Home for Children, Borovtzi

The Ties Program does not endorse any of the places listed above, but rather offers them as places families have indicated they may want to visit.

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