A Journey Home by David Lantz

“When you are eighteen and you graduate from high school, I promise we will visit Russia.” Hearing these words come out of my mother’s mouth, I was determined to graduate from high school. My name is Dave and I was adopted from Russia in 1994, just before my second birthday. My mom never hid the fact that I was adopted, … Read More

My Favorite Moment by Kathy Gallo

If “brevity is the soul of wit”, then my story at least fills that measure: After our 4 days in Bejiing, we flew to the province where Lina was born. As we walked off the plane and onto the gangway holding hands, my usually fairly demure, sweet, and softspoken daughter looked up at me and said with such confidence and … Read More

This is My Story by Jack Kurth

On Christmas morning of 2013, my mom surprised me with one of the best gifts ever. She had secretly hired a private investigator in Russia, and he had found my biological family. There were pictures, stories, and even videos. We decided we needed to meet them and began planning our trip that day. Six months later, we made a return … Read More