a connect kindness CMany years ago, The Ties Program implemented “Project Kindness” via our sister organization World Ties, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that supports children and families in Ties’ countries. So that our efforts are focused, we try to find a place, or a group of children, and build a relationship that enhances the lives of the community we touch. 

Project Kindness-Vietnam designated sites:
SOS Children’s Village

SOS Children’s Villages are wonderful alternatives for children to experience permanence in their country of birth. Mothers commit to becoming Mom to 8-10 children forever! SOS is a fabulous place for our children to spend time with children who are being cared for with dignity. SOS Villages are funded by their parent organization, as well as by donations. We believe strongly in the mission and feel that experiencing an SOS Village provides our children with hope that children in their birth country ARE being well cared for.

Sampan Humanitarian Project

Sampan donation Vietnam Ties adoptive familiesAs part of a humanitarian project in the Mekong Delta, we annually donate sampans to local farmers. Sampans are the number one form of transportation in the Delta, like owning a car in the United States. By donating sampans, we are able to provide families with the means to do business and support their family.


Hoa Sua Vocational Training School for Disadvantaged Youth

Hoa Sua School

Hoa Sua school helps under-privileged and homeless children become self-sufficient through obtaining education and marketable skills which can be utilized in today’s Vietnam economy. Training and boarding at the school is offered free to all students, and while housing is better than “street life” accommodations are meager. Hoa Sua is remarkable in that students practice their skills in training restaurants, embroidery shops, bakeries, and catering businesses within the vicinity—all supported by the school.