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Many years ago, The Ties Program implemented “Project Kindness” via our sister organization World Ties, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that supports children and families in Ties’ countries. So that our efforts are focused, we try to find a place, or a group of children, and build a relationship that enhances the lives of the community we touch.

We all witnessed the needs of the children at Sung Ae Won Orphanage. We joined hearts with the young mothers at Esther’s House. Holt families learned about the needs of children in North Korea, and the new, much needed group homes being created for young mothers who are finally being given assistance and a chance to parent their children. Families with children from Eastern, SWS, Holt and KSS saw kids receiving quality care. Such good care needs continual funding to stay good.

Project Kindness is a proud helper in Korea to all these wonderful organizations.