India Ties families at the gate of IMH CalcuttaWhile traveling, families often wish to reconnect with people and places important in the life of their son or daughter. Reminiscing is an important part of the journey and these points of connection provide a foundation for your child.

The Ties Program is pleased to assist by requesting permission to visit orphanages, exploring the possibility of meeting foster families and orphanage caretakers, and making arrangements to see other places important to your family’s story such as the hotel where your family first met, a hospital, place of finding, or birth village. Families will travel with an English speaking guide to assist with and personalize the visits.

Here are some of the people and places families have or hope to visit as part of their journey to India. This list is an evolving one with frequent additions. See something missing? Or, are there other people or places on your “dream list?” Please email us. We are always open to helping you with other connections.

CARA (Central Adoption Resources Agency)
Chennai, Tami Nadu Orphanages (Madras)
Home of Love, Bangalore
Hope for Children, Bombay (Mumbai)
Hyderabad orphanages
India Council of Social Welfare, Hyderabad
International Mission of Hope, Calcutta (Kolkata)*
Jeewan Joyti Home, New Delhi
Kerala orphanage
Missionaries of Charity, Bombay, (Mumbai)
Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity Calcutta
Open Arms Nursery
Orissa Orphanages
Palna Orphanage, Delhi
PREED, Tamil Nadu
Preet Mandir Orphanage
Pune Orphanages
Reach Out Bangalore
Sabera Foundation
Shishur Sevay Orphanage
Shreevasta Orphanage Pune
Sri Krishna Nursing Home Calcutta (Kolkata)
SICW Society of Indian Children’s Welfare, Kolkata
Society of Friends of the Sassoon Hospitals (SOFOSH)
SOS Children’s Villages of India
Sunil Prakash (sometimes in India)
Welfare Home for Children

*Closed but we can visit the site

The Ties Program does not endorse any of the places listed above, but rather offers them as places families have indicated they may want to visit.