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China Ties

The trip with ties was beyond my wildest expectations. It was so much more than a vacation it was a laboratory of human experience on a global level. I am so grateful this Gramma was invited to come along, for this trip was one of a lifetime for me. Your guides were outstanding, the flow of the trip was excellent, and we were blessed with wonderful weather. Meeting the other adoptive families made the experience even more memorable. Thank you so much to everyone involved for creating this awesome meeting of cultures.

"An awesome meeting of cultures" - what a great way to describe the experience, Jeanne. Thanks!

Guatemala Ties

I just recently had the privilege to visit Guatemala for the very first time with my bonus children. They were adopted at age 5 months and never been back. I was hesitant to make the trip because I don't enjoy flying. I cannot be more happy and grateful that I made the trip. The staff at Guatemala ties were outstanding. They were caring, knowledgeable, compasionate and upbeat. The memories and the new friends we made will never be forgotten. If you have adopted children internationally I highly recommend to reach out to Becca and the Ties program.

It was our privilege to support your family on this journey of identity!

Self Discovery

My daughter graduated from a small junior high where everyone knew us as a family with a child adopted from Guatemala and entered a high school of 4,000 kids. Suddenly she was with kids of many races and only a few knew her story. She had a hard time explaining who she was because frankly she wasn't sure. She knew a lot about Guatemala and the culture but did not remember living there and had not revisited. While researching how to help her the Ties program was suggested. Going on the Ties trip to Guatemala was the best decision we have ever made as a family. The trip filled in so many blanks for my daughter in a safe, well organized fashion. After indicating we were receptive, they even coordinated a meeting with her foster family. It was beautiful to see her connect with people who loved and cared for her in Guatemala. Other families chose not to (or did not have enough information to ) research foster families/orphanage nannies while others found birth family. Each case was treated respectfully and without judgement and I believe each family had a meaningful experience. The trip also provided my daughter with a community of adoptees just like her who shared this journey. She will be friends with theses kids for the rest of her life. Important aspects other than seeing people, customs and places include a trained caring staff that connected with both kids and adults and an opportunity to participate in a service project to provide bunk beds to families in need. These are touches that make Ties such a unique experience. Finally, sharing this trip with my daughter is one of the greatest privileges of my life. It strengthened our bond as a family. I will forever be grateful to Becca. Ana, Rebecca, Kahleah, NestOr and everyone else involved with this wonderful journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

You are so welcome, Mary. We are glad the experience was so meaningful for your family!

Thank you Bea and all

Months ago I found the website for China Ties on the Internet and took a huge chance on a group I knew nothing about. I can tell you without hesitation, if you want the best possible trip on the planet to see your child's homeland or just to take a tour of China, you've hit the jackpot. We just got home last night . Our trip was orchestrated in such a loving and truly magnificent way. How could I ever thank or repay China Ties for one of the most meaningful experiences of our lifetimes ! My two daughters and best friend traveling companions were delighted beyond words. Thank you Bea, thank you Ties staff, thank you guides, thank you China !

Susan, we are delighted beyond words that your family's trip was memorable. Thanks for letting us know!

Amazing experience!

We just returned from our second Ties trip. Both journeys were beyond amazing! We traveled with our daughter to China. The first time was 5 years ago just before she turned 8 and this trip was just before her 13th birthday. I can't begin to put into words how great this trip and the Ties program are. On this journey, our daughter wanted to get information about her birth family/parents. Bea Evans was amazing at helping us to get in touch with guides in China who could help us with this. Our daughter was able to find the name of her birth mother. Bea helped us to customize our trip for our needs and wishes. It was a great heritage journey and chance to connect with others girls, it was well organized, the time, at each site was perfect, everything about the whole trip was absolutely great! I would do it all over again and I would highly recommend this program!

We're so glad your second Ties trip was as good as the first!

Amazing Start to Finish! (China)

My son, age 9, and I just returned from our first return visit to his city of birth in China. TIES helped make the trip amazing for us both! I first contacted TIES after trying to go through another agency, and was amazed at the speed with which Bea was able to put together our trip (which was individualized, not part of a group trip). She understood that we had limited travel dates and was able to secure us our preferred dates of travel. She responded to email in a timely manner which is always so appreciated. We are expats living in China, so she accommodated us as we were able to arrange for our own flights and hotel stay. We proposed an itinerary of the sites we’d like to see in the city, and she came back with a well-balanced itinerary that included all of our requests as well as, of course, the visit to the Children’s Welfare Center that required pre-registration. We were also given the choice of only hiring a guide for the welfare center visit day or having a guide for our 3 days of touring, and we opted to have the guide the whole time. What a great choice! It was completely worth the cost, which was reasonable considering how wonderful our guide was and that all transport (by private driver in really nice cars!) entrance fees and even lunch were included daily. We were able to be in contact with him before our arrival via social media which helped put us at ease. At no point during our itinerary was he not by our side and, while we are very seasoned travelers, we appreciated this because it was crucial that the trip be as seamless and positive as possible to help my young son create his first impressions of his city of birth. He was flexible and paid attention to the needs of my son as we spent the days together. He was also just very sweet in general. He was a seasoned adoption service guide and his demeanor was very well-suited to the type of trip we were experiencing – things were fun, relaxed, informative, and geared towards discovery of this place that my son was experiencing for the first time. At no point did we feel like we were just typical tourists. On one day, when we encountered a problem with our hotel booking, he refused to leave until it was completely settled. I kept expecting him to drop us off at certain places and return to meet us, but he went with us everywhere in a non-intrusive way (even on the rides at the theme park! Even walking us through check-in and up to security at the airport!). He was a native of the city which was also very nice – he was proud of the city and helped my son and I to be the same. The welfare center visit was seamless and we were welcomed so warmly by the staff who were definitely expecting us. There were several staff members there who still remembered my son and you could see that everyone was so excited and proud to see how he had grown (the photo album we left with them was a big hit!). The pictures I had sent beforehand had been shared with the staff so that they could connect us with who we had met at the time of adoption, his special nanny, etc. We were able to garner some previously unknown information and photos that were real treasures. My son was absolutely enthralled, excited, and happy the entire trip and this is invaluable! I know this trip will serve him well as he grows and we can’t wait to return again with our whole family! Thanks, Bea and TIES.

Thanks, Julie! We are thrilled that the journey was so meaningful to you and your son!

Excellent Planning, Wonderful Connections, Perfect Journey

Our family traveled with Korean Ties in 1998. Having such a successful trip we engaged the Ties Program to plan a family trip to Chile and Peru in 2013. Again everything was well planned and enjoyable. In 2016 we decided to travel to China and knew Becca would be our best connection to the best trip. In March/April 2017 we traveled to 6 Chinese cities. In each place well informed, friendly English speaking local guides showed us the sites. We walked on the Great Wall and in Tiananmen Square, visited palaces and historic sites, saw active pandas up close, sailed on the Yangtze River, enjoyed traditional Chinese shows and ate delicious and varied dishes among locals. Becca's connections are authentic and really made our journey as perfect as it could be. If you are traveling for adoption or just to see the world, I recommend Becca and all those who work with the Ties Programs.

We have loved every minute of every trip with your family!

India Ties 2016

I participated in the TIES 2016 India program with my parents. It was an eye-opening and life changing experience for me especially as a 23-year old! The itinerary was culturally-enriching and packed with activities. Experiencing India with other adoptees made the whole trip so much more impactful as we were able to share our personal stories and journey together. The winter is a perfect time to travel in this climate and the weather was beautiful. Our tour guide made each day exciting and brought humor and history to each location we visited! It was a great program and I would highly recommend to other families with adopted children.

Vietnam 2016 We'd Do It Again!

I went on the TIES winter 2016 Vietnam trip with our 14-year old daughter adopted from Hanoi. We both would welcome the opportunity to repeat the experience. Adoption-related travel as planned by the TIES staff was a remarkable combination of a literal and figurative journey for us, most especially for my daughter. Taking it all in with other adopted kids and their parents made for a wonderful, enriching time that we will always cherish. The TIES staff are travel-savvy, supportive, and insightful. The tour guide they work with in Vietnam is exceptionally well suited for working with American adoptive families. The itinerary was comprised of sightseeing, adoption-related excursions, and free time--and none of it is mandatory, but we did all of it, with gusto! We are so appreciative of this program and highly recommend to other families of adopted children.

Thanks Carolyn! We'll be sure to pass along the nice comment to Chi as well!

Adoptive Family Travel by the Ties Program

My adult daughters (25 and 28) and I were thrilled about the prospect of finally traveling to Peru for the first time since they were adopted as infants. Our initial plan was to join a Ties group tour, but when this was not possible, Ties put together an itinerary for our family to travel independently. I've done a lot of international traveling, almost always making the arrangements myself--with the usual frustrations and mix-ups involved. What a delight to be guided and supported through an amazingly hassle-free trip! We took multiple flights in- country and stayed at multiple hotels and at every step were met at the airport as planned and so well taken care of. Our guide in each city was incredibly helpful, not only with touring but also managing personal needs and unexpected "emergencies" (e.g., frantic searches for the Peruvian equivalent of Pepto Bismol and for a new suitcase when mine fell apart). Prior to leaving for Peru we were fortunate enough to have located the birth family of one of my daughters in a small town near Cusco. Travel agency staff there made arrangements for a meeting with the family, and our guide accompanied us to translate--not a planned part of the trip but probably the most important experience of all. I can't thank you enough for helping up put together this unforgettable trip. Both of my daughters say it's changed their lives, and I feel the same way!

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience in Peru. We are thrilled that you had a wonderful journey!

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