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Simply Amazing

Nov 24, 2014 by beth o'malley

My 64 year old husband, 11 year old daughter, and I returned to Kazakhstan in August 2014. As an adult adoptee and social worker, I knew this trip was so important to her soul. I also knew the trip was long and made harder by assorted health problems etc.

The support of Becca Piper and the Ties program, was an important before the trip, as during the trip. And after.

The Ties program was the equivelant of a private clinical and travel concierge. Having a group of other adoptive families was perfect, especially for our daughter. We went places, met people and ate foods, that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. No matter what happened I knew Ties was a phone call away.

That security gave me the freedom to focus on what really mattered---my daughter and her process returning to her birth country and orphanage. My gratitude. Thank you.

Romania 07-26 through 08-06-14

Nov 06, 2014 by Sharon Chambers

This was truly a rewarding and life changing experience. The trip was well organized and the itinerary was thoughtfully planned, with every attention to detail. We had a lovely and knowledgeable tour guide, Victoria, who shared with us the very rich and interesting history of Romania, as we travelled from city to countryside, and village to village. The children all seemed to form a special connection, got along very well, and were able to share and process experiences amongst each other, as the journey unfolded. The highlight of our trip was connecting with the people and missing pieces of the past. My daughter Brianna met her birth father, two sisters and her brother for the first time. I can't put into words how amazing that experience was, for both of us. The people of Romania were warm and friendly, and we enjoyed every minute of the trip. Romania is a beautiful country, and I am thankful to have been able to see the changes and progress made since my last visit. The trip was memorable, meaningful and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this experience for international adoptees and their families.

Romanian Ties 7/26-8/6/2014

Aug 28, 2014 by Isabelle Amy Laskin

One of the best trips of our lives! Between Pat Hallada (who organized and lead our group of 22) to our wonderful Tour Guide, Victoria, we saw, experienced and shared so much over 12 days. Our group (from around the USA) were all friendly and interesting. Our children, who shared this profound and meaningful journey, forged a deep bond with one another. Highly recommend "The Ties Program" for their conscientiousness, thoroughness and careful thought in putting this program together. This will be an experience we will not soon forget.

China Ties July 2-16, 2014

Aug 26, 2014 by Ed Bennett

"I have to admit that I was uncertain what to expect with this trip and that my wife and I were doing this exclusively for our 16 year old daughter who had not been back to China since we adopted her at 20 months of age. My hope was that I would have a speaking engagement that would allow us to return to Beijing but as that never occurred, China Ties appeared to be a very good alternative. Thank God for China Ties! It was outstanding experience. Between the very knowledgeable tour guides, the experienced and very people-friendly China Ties staff our experience was nothing short of phenomenal. We were able to travel - via experienced drivers - to six different cities/provinces and truly experience Chinese culture and customs. The girls ranged from 9 -18 and they were able to take classes in cooking, calligraphy, kite-making, and painting and all 12 families were able to experience touring a silk factory, explore an incredible cave, take a wonderful cruise down the Li river, take a bike ride around the city of Xi'an, and visit the Great Wall, Tianamon Square, and the Terrakota Warriors. The highlight, however, was being able to reunite our daughter with her foster mom - who China Ties arranged to come on a 12 hour train ride to meet us at her original orphanage. It was a very tearful reunion and my daughter - who had a tremendous experience - thought this was by far the highlight of the trip. China Ties even arranged for us to see our daughter's adoption file when we were in Beijing and I think that brought an element of closure to everyone who came. It was an amazing trip and I would recommend it to anyone who truly wants their daughter to have the ultimate experience when the decision is made for them to visit their homeland."

China Ties Lite July 2014

Aug 26, 2014 by Cindy, Larry and Laura Squire

"My husband and I and our 19-year-old daughter travelled to China with the China Ties Lite Program this past July 2014. It was the trip of a lifetime and truly was a life-changing event for all three of us! 18 years after we adopted our daughter, she was able to meet her foster mother and others that worked at Mother’s Love Orphanage at the time she was there. It was heart-warming for her to hear the information they remembered about her.

We spent time in Beijing, Nanning and Chengdu. The China Ties Program did a great job planning activities and sightseeing opportunities for our group. The guides that were arranged for us in Nanning and Chengdu were such a positive part of our experience. Spending this time in China 18 years later has opened a whole new world for us. It was important for us to share this trip with a group of similar families. We have a whole new group of friends and are already talking about a reunion next summer!"

Russia Jul 2014

Aug 22, 2014 by Putnam/Harnitchek

A life changing event. Not only did this trip bring the original adoption journey "to life" for our daughter, but it finally transferred the adoption story from us to her. She now owns her adoption story….it’s her's to tell. Also, traveling with the other kids gave an emotional cushion of “kids like me” and provided a forum to talk to kids who “get it.” The Regional Birth Family visit was almost fairytale perfect in its execution and results for all of us. And, finally, it gave me the wonderful opportunity to make the journey again. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for your time, dedication, and overall commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. We can’t thank you enough for an overall perfect trip. Sarah G. and Sami W., you were friendly, helpful, funny, compassionate, patient, and added so much to our trip of a lifetime! Thanks! Mark, Betty, and Staci

Romanian Ties 2014

Aug 21, 2014 by Victoria

Thank you to Pat and all you Colleagues of hers; that made this Romanian Ties program 2014 such a successful and memorable trip! Couldn't of been so great if it weren't for all of you taking time to set things up and put things into place and all the hard work you all did. Best trip of my entire life! One of the most special moments in my life! Thank you all! -- (age 20- Milwaukee, WI)

Trip of a Lifetime

Aug 20, 2014 by Ann Palen

We thoroughly enjoyed our Russian Ties trip this summer. My adopted son has been wanting to return to Russia and meet his birthmother for a very long time. Travelling to Russia is more than I would undertake on my own – the logistics, the language and customs, and the emotional side of traveling to a country so important to the family.
The group activity in Moscow and later in Saint Petersburg were just right at 3-4 days to see all the main sites and sights of the rich rich culture and history. Our time in Murmansk region was very special. Our driver and interpreter drove us in the back roads of the area searching for our important locations and people. We were so blessed (I still can’t believe it but my son is blessed and lucky) that we reunited with his birthmother and became acquainted and are continuing the relationship on and facebook. Mikhail, Alexander and Lena were fabulous helping us to solve this mystery!
It really was the trip of a lifetime for my family, thank you Sarah and Sami and the whole US and Russian team!

Russian Ties 2014

Aug 18, 2014 by Mike and Sarah McCarthy

Our family recently experienced the TIES Russia program and I feel compelled to write you and share with you some thoughts regarding our experience. Let me begin by saying that the trip far exceeded our expectations in every way. The logistics and amenities were outstanding. But more importantly, the personal support to families was phenomenal.

I want to specifically highlight the work of Sarah G. and Sami W. Sarah was both an outstanding tour guide and a very good resource to adoptive parents. She acknowledge the fact that she is not a parent yet she served as an excellent "sounding board" to parents. She demonstrated a high level of understanding and maturity through her thoughtful approach to questions and concerns. Sarah was very organized with regard to the logistics of the trip. Each detail was carefully orchestrated and well planned.

I can't say enough about the work of Sami W. Her knowledge and understanding of the needs and nuances of adoptive families was invaluable to our experience. Sami brought a natural yet professional demeanor to the families and provided outstanding support and guidance to families. She helped to guide the emotion of the experience into a very constructive experience full of reflection and thoughtful meaning. It was evident that Sami is passionate about her work and this was clearly demonstrated by her caring support provided to families. She was simply outstanding.

Our family is grateful and thankful to TIES and specifically to Sarah G. and Sami W. for making the trip an experience of a lifetime. Thank you.

China - summer 2014

Aug 16, 2014 by Patrick

We traveled to China with China Ties this summer and were quite pleased. A friend of mine had recommended them for their ability to customize a homeland journey, and for the relatively small size of the travel groups. We are adventurous travelers and definitely could have made the trip on our own, but having someone else in charge of almost everything allowed us really to focus on the experience of being in China while we were there. And the experience was fantastic! The local guides in Beijing, Xian, Guilin, and Chengdu were excellent, and the sights and sounds and emotions of the trip will reverberate in our memories for many years to come.

Adoptive Family Travel by The Ties Program 414 774-1080 Wauwatosa WI, 53222 USA 5.0 5.0 49 49 My 64 year old husband, 11 year old daughter, and I returned to Kazakhstan in August 2014. As an adult adoptee and social worker, I knew this trip was so important to her soul. I a