Note: Some of the material here will be country specific in terms of their “headings.” However, the experiences, emotions and reactions of a Ties Program are universal. We encourage you to read liberally to understand the broadest scope of the journey ahead.

Parenting International Adoptees: The Restricted Information

Birth Country Travel: What Age is the Best Age?

From Life Books to Face Book—Traveling Into My Space
(How a Heritage Journey Helps Build a Strong Sense of Identity in Kids)

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Culture Camp & Birth Country Travel

Traveling to Adopt

Mother Russia’s Children Return with U.S. Parents by The Washington Post In a difficult year for adoption relations between Russia and the U.S, Russian adoptees visit their birth country with their adoptive parents.

A Homeland Tour to Russia by Heather Ames, MSW, LICSW

Born Abroad, Adopted Teens Find Home in Multiple Lands, by Tara Bahrampour, Washington Post

Travel to Birth Country Can Benefit Adopted Children by Samantha L. Wilson, PhD, Psychologist, Child Development Center, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Sixteen year old Kyle Hunt shares his thoughts about visiting Russia. A short interview with a very sweet and profound ending.

The Importance of Connection and Roots in Identity Development by Heather Ames, MSW, LICSW