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Becca Piper, Founder & Co-Director, Speaker’s Bureau, Media Relations, World Ties, Bulgaria, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Nepal
866 705-5777 (Direct-Mountain Standard Time)

Bea Evans, Co-Director, China, Chile, Colombia, Ethiopia, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine
866 231-7088 (Direct-Central Standard Time)

Pat Hallada, Programs Manager, Korea, India, Romania, Ties Shoppe
866 359-0995,  414 774-1080 (Central Standard Time)

Sarah Goth, Programs Manager, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia
866 359-0995,  414 774-1080 (Central Standard Time)

Jaclyn Skalnik, MSW, social worker

Heather Ames, MSW, social worker

Adjunct Travel Staff Each Ties group is also accompanied by a logistical genius and an adoption specialist who is well versed in adoption issues. That person is sometimes an adoption agency social worker from one of the many agencies who work cooperatively with The Ties Program. It may be an adult adoptee, an adoptive parent with training in adoption, or someone who is especially attuned to adoption issues.

Adjunct staff who have traveled with us include many wonderful people you may know: Scottie Allen, Heather Ames, Betsy August, Dr. Amanda Baden, Betsey Barrett, Kathy Beck, Linda Berman, Paula Bickel, Jill Birnbaum, Larilyn Carpenter, Jenna Cook, Analisa Freitas, Jackie Frens, Kathleen Donovan, Carol Harvey, Jooyeon Hwang, Ian Forber-Pratt, Mary Fournier, Fran Freeman, Sophia Gardner, Dr. Laurie Glass, Shari Goldstein, Carol Hakala, Pat Hoopes, Jessica Houston,  Peg Jipping, Mandy Jones, Jan Kelsay, Carmen Knight, Dr. Bibiana Koh, Sandy Maher, Hollee McGinnis, Amy Mullen, Suchi Mumford, Marianne Niesen, Mary Nervig, Melitta Payne, Dr. Sue Ouellette, Erica Pelaccia, Ann Rankowitz, Mara Rothschild, Cara Schoenley, Deb Shrier, Amy Silverbrandt Wilkerson, Jaclyn Skalnik, Michaelyn Sloan, Kelly Smith, Laura Summerhill, Tara VanderWoude, Dr. Samantha Wilson, and Gail Woods.