Plan Ahead: Here’s Why

Making a Plan Changes Things

Are you thinking about traveling to your birth country? Or traveling as a family to your child’s country of birth?

It’s time to make plans. Here’s why:

  1. This is so much more than a vacation–it is an exploration of identity. With that exploration, there will likely be special visits that must be arranged, people you will want to see, places you will want to visit–often times far off the beaten track. Plan with adequate time for those important details to be acted upon.
  2. You will have a better choice of airline schedules and airfares you will have. That’s a biggie!

This is My Story by Cassie Zahller

Cassie Zahller Adoptive Family Travel ContestMy older brother and I were both adopted from South Korea as infants. We aren’t blood related, but sharing the bond of adoption as we grew up made us close. Chris and I both came from Korea Social Service; he was adopted at 6 months old and I was adopted at 4 months old.

We always had desired to travel back and to one day meet our biological families. We never thought it would happen, but thanks to Korean Ties, it came true for one of us.

Podcast: Impact of Travel by Filipino Adoptee and Mom

Sally Ankerfelt and her son Elias, born in the Philippines, traveled to Elias’ birth country when he was 13, and again when he was 18 years old.Impact of Heritage Travel

Their first trip was with Filipino Ties. On the second trip, they worked with The Ties Program on an independent journey.

In this podcast, Sally and Elias share amazing insight regarding homeland travel and the impact it has on a family. Elias dives deep into his thoughts and feelings about what traveling to the Philippines meant to him.

Your life will be enriched by taking time to listen to this young man and his mom.

What’s Your Story? Contest Rules

For more than 20 years, adoptive families What's Your Story Writing Contest
and Ties staff have traveled the world with The Ties Program.

We have had amazing experiences.
We all have stories to tell.

Some are touching. Some are funny.

Some are sad, or one of a million other adjectives.

All who have stories to tell are encouraged to submit entries.

Deadline for submissions:
December 2, 2015, midnight CST.

This contest is sponsored by
Adoptive Family Travel by The Ties Program.

Contest Rules

1. All entries must be sent to The Ties Program electronically by midnight CST, December 2, 2015 in a Word document to

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