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Parenting International Adoptees: The Restricted Information

If you are the parenting  an internationally born child, teen, young adult or adult, chances are you would give your right arm (maybe even your Starbuck’s latte) to know what they are REALLY thinking and feeling.

It’s what my daughter calls “restricted information.” “Why is it restricted?” I ask, holding on to her every word, listening for clues for what is on HER mind, despite the fact that via my adoption adoptionprofessional  work, I’ve got a pretty good clue. “Because I don’t want to hurt you, or make you feel bad about stuff,” she replies. “But what stuff?” I ask.


Somewhere BetweenSomewhere Between is a documentary that you feel, not just watch.

I found myself emotionally participating in these young ladies’ journeys of self-discovery. The exploration process of a transracial adoptee is life-long and this film poignantly shares tidbits of that experience from four perspectives.

While this film connects those in the adoption community, it also demonstrates everyone’s needs to feel connected and rooted. Learning about where you come from and accepting how you got where you are today, can be a critical equation to where you go from here.

Heritage Camps For Adoptive Families

Heritage camps are not like “tennis camp,” or “chess camp,” or even just “sleep away camp,” which are about children’s hobbies and interests. Heritage camps are about your child’s very being – celebrating who they are and where they came from. When you send your child to tennis camp or sleep away camp, they may come home playing better tennis or having learned some fun new songs. When they go to heritage camp, they should come home knowing more about their inner most person, feeling like a little of that hole in their lives is filled, something we as parents simply can’t do as well as the cultural role models our children meet at camp.