About Us (That is the “Collective Us” including YOU)

Our story is simple. Before we started The Ties Program, we were everyday people touched by the adoption constellation.

  • Instinct told us international adoptees would be curious about the places where their lives began.
  • The parents who were raising these beautiful children needed a well thought out, supportive way of connecting their children with their birth countries.

We were passionate about tackling that topic.  And, we dreamed of providing this opportunity to families who had adopted from countries where few, if any, post adoption services were available.

Now, 20 years and 16 countries later,

  • The Ties Program serves adoptive families from the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe and Australia.
  • We travel with adoptive family groups to Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe & Russia, and will soon be traveling to Africa.
  • Via World Ties, our sister 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we weave Project Kindness service projects into our programs, providing a way for interested families to “give back.”
  • Our staff is comprised of adoptees, adoptive parents, adoption professionals and insightful individuals touched by adoption.
  • Our adjunct staff is comprised of more than 50 dedicated people ready to share their experience to help families on this important journey. 

In short, the hallmark of The Ties Program is our ability to create an experience that allows you to travel with a community of adoptive families and trained professionals, and at the same time, have your individual family dreams and needs met.

Thanks for the privilege. 

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which supports international adoptees as they visit their birth country.

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